Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Our workplace drug and alcohol testing services offer complete and fully managed service to commercial organisations, professional and amateur sport, local authorities and the public sector. With over 16 years experience in the industry we know we can meet each Client’s needs in an individual and personal way.

The Impact of Drug and Alcohol Misuse

Drug and Alcohol misuse is a serious concern in today’s society which also effects the workplace environment. It has been estimated that 2.8 million people used drugs in 2014. Misuse of alcohol and drugs can impact workplace safety by impairing the ability of colleagues to perform their job roles in the appropriate manner. This can lead to workplace accidents, incidents and in the worse cases, fatalities.  We offer pre-employment Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing as well as during the employment as part of the workplace drug and alcohol policy.

Test  Results

All organisations have a ‘duty of care’ to their employees. Drug and Alcohol misuse can not only greatly effect the individual concerned, but also have a negative impact and detrimental effect on the workforce, clients and company productivity. Drug and Alcohol misuse should be viewed as a health problem and adequate support provided to the colleague concerned, however, in some cases this can result in disciplinary action being required.

Legally Defensible Results

As part of your drug and alcohol policy, we are able to provide you with all the necessary support and guidance with pre-employment, random and ‘for-cause’ testing. In the workplace environment, testing typically takes the form of urine and oral fluid/saliva samples, however if required, hair testing is also available. Our partner IS0 17025 accredited laboratory has over twenty years of experience in testing, providing legally defensible results and protecting your business.

Our workplace drug and alcohol testing sample collection team operates nationally and internationally. They are trained to collect a variety of sample types. We follow strict ‘chain of custody’ procedures to maintain the integrity of samples throughout the collection process.

Why use Racoo Screening?

Racoo Screening has 16 years’ experience in assisting companies and other organisations with the development and management of their drug and alcohol programme, including their drug and alcohol misuse policy.

Whether you are a small business, large international corporate or public sector organisation, Racoo Screening can help with your individual requirements offering a professional, personal and flexible implementation and advice service.