How Racoo’s Rapid Covid Testing Services Could Support Reopening Of Theatres and Entertainment Venues.

By |2022-05-13T16:58:39+00:00February 16th, 2021|Racoo Screening|

Rapid testing will be the key to allowing theatres to reopen, prime minister Boris Johnson has suggested. During a Downing Street briefing on February 15, Johnson said lateral flow testing would be the route the government looks at to getting theatres and other entertainment venues reopened. Racoo are ready to assist venues and producers [...]

Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test Device

By |2021-02-19T19:57:29+00:00November 14th, 2020|Racoo Screening|

Rapid Antigen Device We are pleased to announce that we are able to provide rapid antigen test devices to Organisations and Healthcare Professionals. Clinical evaluations show good accuracy compared to PCR analysis. Sample collections are made via nasal swab, the process is simple and non-invasive. Key Benefits: Results in 15 minutes. Portable screening tool. [...]

Covid-19 Coronavirus PCR test for flight requirements in Swindon, Bath and Bristol

By |2021-02-19T19:57:29+00:00October 18th, 2020|Racoo Screening|

PCR Antigen Laboratory analysis for flights Do you require an accredited Covid-19 Coronavirus test with certification to be able to travel? Are you located in Swindon, Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Gloucester, Newbury, Reading or surrounding area.....? We provide a number of Covid-19 sample collection and accredited testing options, please see more information here. Drive through [...]

Synthetic Cannabis in Prisons and the Workplace

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Chief inspector of prisons attributes deaths, serious illness and self-harm to cannabis substitutes ‘spice’ and ‘black mamba’ Synthetic cannabis is having a “devastating impact” in British prisons and making it difficult for normal life to continue in some facilities, the chief inspector of prisons has said. Sold as “spice” and “black mamba”, synthetic cannabis has [...]

Drug use statistics

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KEY FINDINGS from the 2015/16 Crime Survey for England and Wales. Interesting information for workplace drug testing and drug testing statistics. Around 1 in 12 (8.4%) adults aged 16 to 59 had taken a drug in the last year. This equated to around 2.7 million people. This level of drug use was similar to the [...]

Cheating urine drug testing

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One method by which donors attempt to undermine the integrity of the drug testing process is by substituting their urine with synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is essentially water that has been fortified with various constituents such as creatinine, salts, and yellow coloring in an effort to make a specimen appear to be normal human urine [...]

Prostate Cancer instant test for Professional use

By |2021-02-19T19:57:29+00:00July 19th, 2016|Racoo Screening|

Racoo Screening has added a new Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening test to its current range of finger prick blood testing. Used for semi-quantitative detection of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in human whole blood, serum and plasma. • Early detection of prostate cancer • CE certified by European Notified Body (CE 1434) • Cut-off: 4 ng /ml Sensitivity: [...]

Inherited genes play a greater role in prostate cancer

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Inherited genes play a greater role in prostate cancer than was previously thought, raising the possibility of personalised treatments for the disease, research has shown. A new study suggests that around 12% of men with advanced prostate cancer have defective genes inherited from one or both of their parents. The most common affected gene was [...]

The Global Drug Survey 2016 findings

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Article taken from More people shopping on the dark net, more people using MDMA & experiencing harm, synthetic cannabinoids the most dangerous drugs in the world. Excluding alcohol, tobacco and caffeine products the top 10 drugs used across the world were Cannabis / MDMA / Cocaine / Amphetamines / LSD / Magic mushrooms / [...]

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